Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air conditioning systems have multiple mechanical and electronic components, and like a car without service, they can break down when you need them most, costing you money and comfort.
Regular servicing is essential to maintain your air conditioner’s optimal performance and energy efficiency.
Our dedicated Maintenance Team delivers comprehensive solutions to guarantee your system’s seamless and trouble-free operation for years.

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What maintenance does an air conditioner need?

Different air conditioners require other services. We take a case-by-case approach, ensuring you have a tailored solution.

For split system and multi-air conditioning systems:

For ducted air conditioning systems:

* If your air conditioning requires deep cleaning to eliminate bacteria, using high-pressure techniques and specific chemicals will be an additional cost.

When should you be servicing the Air Conditioning System?

In Australia’s climate, owning an air conditioner is nearly indispensable, particularly for ensuring comfort during hot summers.
Consequently, air conditioning units often endure significant usage, leading to a potential decline in operational efficiency over time.
Here are indicators that your air conditioner requires servicing:


If you notice a deficiency in heating or cooling while using the air conditioning.


Your unit is giving off a strange smell.


A significant change in the cost of your energy bills.


Some of our brands include: